Royal Ascot Races Cancelled in Perth Heatwave
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Royal Ascot Races Cancelled in Perth Heatwave

Royal Ascot Races Cancelled Amid Searing Heatwave in Perth

In the wake of a scorching heatwave sweeping through Western Australia, organizers at Ascot Racecourse have been forced to cancel all races scheduled for this weekend. The decision was made with the safety and welfare of the animals and jockeys in mind, as temperatures are expected to soar as high as 41°C in the region.

According to Perth Racing chief executive James Oldring, the Bureau of Meteorology’s forecast indicates the intense heat will persist well into the evening, dashing any hopes of rescheduling the events to a twilight timeslot. “The welfare of horses and people are given absolute priority,” Oldring stated, emphasizing that there was no chance of proceeding with the races in such scorching conditions.

The cancelled Ascot events will be included in future race programs, the governing body announced. The searing heatwave is expected to continue throughout the week, with maximum temperatures ranging from 36°C to 38°C forecast across most of Western Australia.

“The welfare of horses and people are given absolute priority.”

  • James Oldring, Perth Racing chief executive

Heatwave to Spread Across Australia

Perth will be the city hit hardest by the heatwave, but the high temperatures are also expected to spread into South Australia and the Northern Territory over the coming days. In Adelaide, the mercury is set to reach a high of 32°C on Saturday.

The cancellation of the Ascot races this weekend is a testament to the organizers’ commitment to prioritizing the wellbeing of the participants and the integrity of the sport. As the Royal Ascot 2023 and 2024 events approach, racing enthusiasts will eagerly await updates on how the organizers plan to navigate the challenges posed by the changing climate and ensuring the safety of all involved.

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