Royal Ascot 2024: Millinery Collective unveiled by Ascot Racecourse
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Royal Ascot 2024: Millinery Collective unveiled by Ascot Racecourse

Ascot Racecourse Unveils Star-Studded Millinery Collective for 2024

The Royal Ascot, the anticipated social event of the summer, is known for its sophisticated fashion code. However, under the guidance of British fashion designer Daniel Fletcher, the event’s first Creative Director, it has embraced a more avant-garde aesthetic.

This year, Ascot Racecourse has unveiled its Royal Ascot Millinery Collective, originally conceived as an inspirational guide for racegoers to explore the global world of hat design. The collection showcases a diverse array of designers from around the globe, spanning from Dubai to New York, London to Ireland.

Renowned Talents and Emerging Designers

Renowned talents including Stephen Jones OBE, Awon Golding, Noel Stewart, Edwina Ibbotson, and Alison Tod, who have previously worked with royalty and celebrities, feature alongside more emerging designers such as Evetta Petty, Rafa Peinador, Nikole Tursi, and Evelyn McDermott.

“It’s been a huge privilege for me to work with some of the world’s best milliners on this year’s Royal Ascot Millinery Collective,” said Daniel Fletcher. “Bringing together some of Britain’s most famed milliners with emerging talent, and designers from around the world has resulted in a beautiful collection to inspire racing style for the summer season.”

High-Fashion Photoshoot and Diverse Designs

The chic photoshoot to capture this year’s collection embraced a high-fashion approach with theatrical lighting and stylish imagery. The hats on offer range from gravity-defying designs to more experimental pieces that wrap around the whole face.

Ascot Racecourse brand and creative lead Alexandra Bertram added that this year’s collective “really represents a new approach” to the event’s style inspiration. “Whether it’s a top hat or a finely crafted piece of millinery art, it’s a total joy to see people feel their very best,” she continued.

The Royal Ascot takes place from June 18th to June 22nd, 2024, with tickets starting from £49 per person.

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