Royal Ascot 2024: King Charles III Confirms Attendance Boosting Ticket Sales
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Royal Ascot 2024: King Charles III Confirms Attendance Boosting Ticket Sales

Ascot Racecourse Eagerly Anticipates the King’s Attendance at Royal Ascot 2024

Published: 22:12 BST, 20 April 2024 | Updated: 20:21 BST, 26 April 2024

The prestigious Royal Ascot, one of the highlights of the social calendar and the most esteemed horseracing festival in the country, is set to welcome a very special guest this summer. King Charles III has informed his staff that he is determined to honor the memory of his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, by attending the five-day event.

The late Queen was an avid fan of Royal Ascot, missing only one edition during her 70-year reign. In 2022, the year of her passing, she even watched ten of her horses compete at the event from Windsor Castle. Now, her son, the King, who has been undergoing cancer treatment, is eager to return to the racecourse and witness his own horses, many of which were bred by the Queen, compete.

Aides are extremely pleased with the King’s progress and are actively planning for his attendance at the June event. While the 75-year-old monarch was initially expected to miss the festivities due to his grueling medical treatment, he has made it clear to his staff that he is committed to being present, particularly for the King Charles III Stakes, a race named in his honor after he ascended to the throne last year.

The King’s presence at Royal Ascot is anticipated to be a significant boost for ticket sales, as the public will be eager to catch a glimpse of him in the Royal Box and traveling in the traditional open-top carriage. Insiders believe the King may also attend Trooping the Colour, which takes place three days before the start of the racing festival.

Ensuring the King’s Safety and Comfort

To ensure the King’s safety and comfort, new protocols will be in place, allowing him to maintain a ‘bubble-style’ distancing while still engaging with the public. The open-air setting and glass-fronted Royal Box will enable him to be seen by enthusiastic fans without the need for handshaking, a habit he is known to have had difficulty breaking.

Last year, the King was visibly moved when his horse, Desert Hero, won the King George V Stakes during Ladies Day. His niece, Zara Tindall, described the moment as “bittersweet,” as it was a proud yet poignant occasion, given the late Queen’s lifelong passion for horses and racing.

Industry Leaders Excited for the King’s Return

Racing industry leaders have welcomed the news of the King’s planned attendance, with Johnno Spence, CEO of JSC Comms, a horse racing firm, expressing his excitement. Spence stated that the King and Queen’s presence is crucial to the success of Royal Ascot and horse racing in general, and their return will undoubtedly drive a surge in ticket sales.

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