Royal Ascot 2024: Boozy Brits, Debauchery, and Revelry
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Royal Ascot 2024: Boozy Brits, Debauchery, and Revelry

Boozy Brits Converge at Royal Ascot 2024 for Raucous Revelry

The recent Royal Ascot 2024 event was a scene of unbridled revelry, as thousands of Brits descended upon the historic Ascot Racecourse to indulge in an afternoon of boozy debauchery.

The King and Queen observed from above as revelers downed jugs of Pimm’s and pints of lager, reveling in the lively atmosphere. While some racegoers, particularly those in the royal enclosure, were there for the equine excitement, many were more interested in the social aspects of the occasion – a “proper booze fest,” as one attendee described it.

“It’s a bit of a p*** up,” remarked 21-year-old racegoer Jess from Ashford, Surrey, who had managed to earn £100 from her bets. “Everyone is our age, it’s nice weather, the vibes are high, the horses are winning and I’m earning money. There’s a lot of drinking. I come for the social side of it. It’s always good fun.”

Across the grounds, Britons lounged in the sun, some with eyes closed, basking in the glorious weather. As the day progressed, the drinking continued well into the night, with reports of drunken antics spilling onto the streets of Ascot. Twerking and pole dancing on lampposts were just a few of the outrageous behaviors witnessed by the heavy police presence trying to maintain order.

Despite the heavy drinking and unruly conduct, first-time Ascot attendees Daisey O’Donnell, 25, and her sister Ellie, 27, a model, were enamored with their experience. “It’s amazing, we love it – the dresses, the people. The drinking is always fun. We shouldn’t mix but we drank a lot – we love to try everything,” said Mimi, 20, who had traveled from Budapest, Hungary, with her friend Zsuzso, 24, specifically for the races.

As the night wore on, the revelry continued, with chivalrous boyfriends giving piggybacks to their girlfriends and partygoers struggling to make their way home. The streets of Ascot were littered with debris and evidence of the day’s debauchery, a testament to the unbridled spirit that embodied Royal Ascot 2024.

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