Royal Ascot 2024: Australian Trainer’s Memorable Encounter with King Charles
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Royal Ascot 2024: Australian Trainer’s Memorable Encounter with King Charles

Royal Ascot 2024: Aussie Trainer’s Hilarious Encounter with King Charles After Winning Prestigious Race

In a remarkable turn of events at the prestigious Royal Ascot race, Australian trainer Henry Dwyer from Ballarat, Victoria, found himself in a lighthearted exchange with King Charles before and after his horse, Asfoora, won the Group One King Charles III Stakes.

Dwyer’s horse, Asfoora, made history by becoming the sixth Australian winner of the esteemed race. The trainer was fortunate to have the opportunity to meet the King on both occasions, and their conversation before the race set the tone for an unforgettable day.

“I spoke to [King Charles] before the race, we had a good chat and he was terrific actually,” Dwyer revealed in an interview with Nine’s Today show. “I’m not a monarchist by any stretch of the imagination, we had a chat and then after the race we compared notes. I think he had a bet on it.”

Dwyer’s witty remark to the King before the race, “it’s nice to meet you before the race Your Majesty, but I’d much rather be talking to you after the race,” was well-received, showcasing the trainer’s sense of humor and the friendly rapport he shared with the monarch.

After Asfoora’s triumphant victory, Dwyer was eager to celebrate.

“We’re currently in a taxi on the way into London,” the elated trainer told Today. “It might be like a Logies late night… something like that.”

The Royal Ascot event, a five-day flat racing extravaganza held annually at Ascot Racecourse in Berkshire, is a prestigious occasion on the social calendar. The late Queen Elizabeth II’s well-known love for the races had led some to question whether the Royal Family’s connection with the event would continue after her passing.

However, King Charles’ presence and apparent enjoyment at the event, as evidenced by his smiling, laughing, and engaging with fellow racegoers, has dispelled any such concerns. The monarch was accompanied by Queen Camilla, while other royal attendees included Princess Anne, Zara Tindall, and Peter Phillips.

Dwyer’s lighthearted exchange with the King and Asfoora’s triumph have added to the rich tapestry of Royal Ascot, further cementing the event’s enduring appeal and the continued involvement of the British Royal Family.

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