Royal Ascot 2023: Royals Joining Relaxed Dress Code Event
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Royal Ascot 2023: Royals Joining Relaxed Dress Code Event

Royals Set to Join Racegoers at Relaxed Royal Ascot 2023

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be in attendance at the upcoming Royal Ascot 2023, joining the throngs of eager racegoers. In a break from tradition, the event’s renowned dress code will be temporarily relaxed to accommodate the soaring temperatures expected during the prestigious annual races.

William and Kate have not graced the famous Berkshire racecourse with their presence in recent years, but anticipation is high that they will take their seats in the royal box this time around. The royal couple will partake in the traditional carriage procession, leading the group of distinguished guests. However, the Queen’s absence from the renowned racecourse will once again be noted.

Accompanying the Duke and Duchess in the following carriage will be Peter Phillips and his girlfriend, Lindsay Wallace, who attended multiple Platinum Jubilee events with the Queen’s grandson.

Relaxed Dress Code

With forecasts indicating temperatures could reach as high as 31°C (87.8°F), but feeling even hotter, the event’s organizers have announced a relaxation of the dress code across all enclosures. Racegoers will be permitted to remove jackets and ties, prioritizing their comfort and safety in the sweltering conditions.

“This is all to do with the consideration of safety and guests are able to bring in soft drinks and water to stay hydrated and comfortable in this lovely weather.” – A Royal Ascot spokesperson

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