Lottie Moss Shocks Ascot Racecourse with Dress Code Defiance
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Lottie Moss Shocks Ascot Racecourse with Dress Code Defiance

Ascot Racecourse Stunned as Model Lottie Moss Defies Dress Code

Lottie Moss, the 26-year-old OnlyFans model, turned heads at the third day of Royal Ascot by breaking the racecourse’s strict dress code. Donning a daring strapless and plunging dress, Moss posed for Instagram as she headed to the prestigious Royal Enclosure.

Despite the event’s dress code requiring dresses to have a minimum strap width of one inch, Moss’ selected attire did not meet the requirements. The code also stipulates that “a jacket or pashmina may be worn, and dresses beneath must still comply” with the strap width.

Undeterred, Moss added a cropped blazer over the dress and accessorized with a pair of sunglasses perched atop her head as she snapped selfies en route to the racecourse. Her long blonde tresses were left loose, and she completed the look with gold hoop earrings and a glamorous makeup palette.

Lottie Moss’ appearance at the prestigious Royal Enclosure, where dresses must fall just above the knee or longer and hats are mandatory, has undoubtedly caused a stir among Royal Ascot enthusiasts. The model’s decision to defy the event’s strict dress code has certainly commanded attention on social media.

In recent weeks, Lottie Moss has been in the spotlight for other reasons, including her new relationship with musician Evan Campbell and her ongoing efforts to remove a “Lover” face tattoo she acquired in Bali. As the Royal Ascot festivities continue, all eyes will be on whether Moss chooses to adhere to the dress code for the remaining days of the event.

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