Harry Cobden: Riding Masterclass and Rise to the Top
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Harry Cobden: Riding Masterclass and Rise to the Top

Cobden Delivers Masterclass Performance at Ascot, Closing in on Jockeys’ Championship

In the quest to become the leading rider of the winter, Harry Cobden delivered a masterclass performance at Ascot last Saturday. The jockey is riding at the peak of his powers, showcasing the same relentless determination that made legendary jockey Sir Anthony McCoy a 20-time champion.

Cobden’s victory on Pic D’Orhy was a testament to his ability to seize the initiative from the start and never relinquish the lead. The comparison to McCoy’s style of riding, where he would steal the lead and throw his willing partner at every fence, is undeniable. Cobden’s crusade to whittle away the lead his rival, Sean Bowen, had before Christmas has been relentless.

Unlike McCoy, who would often shut himself in a dark room after races, Cobden finds solace in his passion for beef farming. He lets the “stresses and pressures of racing go straight out of the window” when he’s on his tractor or with his cows. This laid-back demeanor, however, belies a fierce competitive drive that has seen him close the gap on Bowen and now lead him by four in the jockeys’ championship.

Cobden’s ability to bounce back from criticism and use it as motivation is a hallmark of his success. His inspired, perfectly-timed ride to win the King George on Clan Des Obeaux at Kempton on Boxing Day 2018, just an hour after a poor ride, showcases his mental toughness.

“With Cobden on the cusp of becoming the champion jockey, the comparison to McCoy’s 20 straight titles is inevitable. However, unlike McCoy’s relentless pursuit of the record, Cobden’s priorities lie elsewhere. He wouldn’t want to miss another shooting season, a testament to his well-rounded approach to life and the sport he dominates.”

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